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Christmas message

Hello everyone, 
The year has flown by and for a latter part of it, Future Pharmacy and I have been absent from your social media and web browsers. Before the year was over I wanted to take the opportunity to speak to you personally, to say thank you for your support this year, and to finish off the year with one last surprise. 
In March, I left my job as a pharmacist and began full-time work with Future Pharmacy. With the added time input and with great help from those around me, the website began to show results, in the forms of jobs being booked, tickets to events being sold and it became a source of knowledge for users.
The main goal of Future Pharmacy has always been to develop healthcare technologies that are more than digital versions of physical products, the technology that enhances your role and ability, rather than hinder it. In the background, the team and I had been working on our main product that would fulfil this goal, the Future Pharmacy app. Contrasting significantly to the website, the app is designed solely to be the most accurate Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) available. 
As work began in earnest on the app, I was fortunate enough to meet many great people who opened my eyes to the goal we had laid down and the long path to reaching it. It was then that I decided to stop pushing the website. Ultimately, the website did not fulfil our goal and although it is a fantastic resource, it isn’t one that is going to change the healthcare sector. There are tons of great groups on social media that can connect us and encourage debate.
As a startup founder, I did what I was taught to do – be lean. I focused all my attention on to the app and its development and in October, the team along with members of our advisory board had a concrete technical evaluation of the app.
Future Pharmacy was successful in its application for a digital health grant from Innovate UK, and we are very excited to begin creating next year.
It was during the time waiting for this outcome, that my personal development as a pharmacist was beginning to suffer, so I decided to pick up a few locum shifts. It was after signing up to just my second agency that I realized what was happening.I was sending my data to multiple sites with no audit trail, no reminder of who had it and certainly no way of retrieving it. It was the inability to share, though, that got me. It was my data that I wanted to transfer, like moving my money from one account to another and I wasn’t allowed to. In the absence of any news regarding funding, this became my priority. 
In September, Future Pharmacy acquired the Locum Passport. The Locum Passport is what, I believe the solution to employment in healthcare should be based upon. Whether I work as a locum or as a permanent employee, I still want access to the best opportunities. To have access, I need to be suitable, be eligible and be ready to take the opportunity as soon as I have decided. That’s where I believe the problem lies. Not in the ability of agencies or employers to provide good jobs, but our ability to hear about them.No agency likes sharing your details or details about their vacancies. And no employer wants to have to use profession specific jobs boards to put out vacancies across an entire hospital or workforce so that rules out a truly all-encompassing jobs board. But, if I was to be able to control all my own documents myself, send them electronically to agencies while maintaining a log of when and to whom it was sent and be able to manage the entire process of compliance myself, then I would be able to have access to all the opportunities I wanted.And that’s what we are building. An app that gives you control.
To launch in the new year, you can already check it out at http://www.locumpassport.co.uk. We’ll soon be starting a crowdfunder to raise awareness for the app and to begin taking pre-orders for the app. This will help us buy secure server space and high-end maintenance in the initial phases of the app.
If you would like to be informed of when our Crowdfunder is live and to read more about the Locum Passport, join our mailing list and you’ll receive an update on those key dates.
The year has almost drawn to a close and I hope that you all have a well deserved, fun and safe festive break. In the new year, we will be back up and running with the locum passport as well as refocus our work with the Future Pharmacy website to better align it with the Future Pharmacy app.
Wishing you the very best and a merry Christmas,
Ravi Chal, CEO Locum Passport 
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