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Why mandatory training is a worthwhile pain

Why mandatory training is a neccessary pain

If you’ve read our previous articles on mandatory training you’ll understand what it is and how to complete it. In this article we explore all the ways your mandatory training can help you develop as a locum.

You may have read our article on what mandatory training is and why its necessary for locums working in healthcare. In this article, we'll explain why mandatory training is a worthwhile pain and how you can relieve the pressures of completing your training by following some helpful tips.
Mandatory training encompasses all of the basic training you require to carry out our role safely and effectively. Agencies are required to prove that you are capable of undertaking your role to a standardized level before they can offer you roles. 
In many instances, your mandatory training will be undertaken with the locum agency you decide to join and most training providers will tailor your training pack to your role so you don't need to worry about selecting the right modules. Make sure that the training they give you is framework approved.  Having a framework approved training partner will give you the gold standard of training. In terms of job roles, you won't be held back by the quality of your training and you won't be denied your preferred position.
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So mandatory training is an essential part of not only your current compliance requirements but also forms a great basis for your future development. It may not sound like it, but completing mandatory training can be used, in part, to complete your revalidation requirements for the year. This is great news as it's an easy way to show your regulatory body that you are keeping up to date with the fundamentals of healthcare provision.
However, mandatory training is a huge pain - it can take hours to complete and in some circumstances  requires your physical presence to complete. Multiply a few hours for completing the training by the number of agencies your working for and you'll quickly see that a lot of your time is wasted doing the same routine. Perhaps this is one of the leading reasons why most locums are signed up to two or fewer agencies. When it's all complete you'll also need somewhere to keep everything safe and organised. To see what medium we recommend read our article: Paper vs Cloud: The best medium to store my important files.
Further problems arise when completing the training from different providers. For instance, not all providers will tell you what modules you have to complete, meaning that you could spend hours doing your training only to find you're still not ready to locum. Almost worst than this however, is completing the training with a non-framework approved agency - all that work, only to find out that the training does not meet the standards required by the hospital you wish to work at!
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Luckily there are a few ways to overcome this scenario:
1)Before you start your training with any agency, make sure they use a framework approved training supplier. If their training is supplied by a framework approved organisation that's great news, you can then push for that agency to release your training to be used with other agencies (although, this is at their discretion). If it isn't supplied by a framework approved agency you have two options; complete the training independently or complete the training the agency provides just to meet their criteria for a role that you are interested in.
2) Ask your agencies that you are signed with to provide you with their latest roles to measure what kind of work they have for you. If its slim pickings don't waste your time and instead focus on the agencies that show they have a constant demand for your profession, in your chosen locations and for your targeted rate.
3) Use the locum passports mandatory training service. Download the app and complete the passport until you reach the mandatory training section. We offer framework approved mandatory training that is transferable to any agency for a very competitive price. In fact, you can receive this training for free if you're signed up to our yearly pro account. We like to provide a great service to everyone, so even if you're not a yearly user you can still access the great training for a great person. 
Find out more about our training by visiting our Mandatory training page.
Whether you like it or not mandatory training is a necessary pain that you need to endure. Luckily, with the Locum Passport, we've created a great alternative to getting the training done with minimal pain. Now your training is complete it's time to decide on what contracts you want.

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