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The type of DBS you need to have.

What DBS do I need?

If you're considering locuming, you'll need a DBS certificate to show your criminal record is clean. To find out which certificate to apply for, read our blog below. To get your DBS certificate for just £69, join the Locum Passport today.

Locuming can be such a pain! While all of your permanent colleagues simply walk into work and have the admin taken care of as a locum, you may find you have to put on your administrative hat from time to time. This is true when it comes to your DBS. If you don't know what a DBS is read our simple explainer article here.

In order to work as a locum you'll need a DBS check to be carried out. This is to ensure, you are who you say you are and that you're not breaking the law by working with people that you have been barred from working with in the past. Normally the DBS is carried out by your prospective employer and you can’t undertake a DBS check by yourself, so you might find it a bit difficult to get your DBS completed by a trustworthy and experienced company.
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Luckily the Locum Passport has teamed up with my locum choice to provide you with a transferrable DBS whatever your profession. As healthcare professionals you'll need an Enhanced DBS check as this is the only one that will show if you are barred from working with any groups of people. 
Once you have completed the DBS application process and received your certificate you can then immediately apply for the DBS update service. For just £13 a year your DBS will be updated electronically meaning you don't have to fork out on a new DBS every year.
We're really pleased to be able to offer an enhanced DBS check that can be used for any agency for just £69. If you would like to find out more about the DBS service offered by our partner my locum choice you can do so here.
It's not just DBS that is an issue - mandatory training takes hours to complete and can often cost you a small fortune if not completed and used correctly. Did you know the locum passport offers its users free mandatory training that can be transferred to any agency, saving you up to 3 hours for every agency you join?
Its just another reason why the Locum Passport is the perfect tool for locums, check out our Mandatory training options here.

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