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If you’ve read any of our blog posts you may have seen us talk about frameworks. In case you’re wondering what frameworks are and why they’re important we’ve penned this short post to explain.

The NHS is committed to providing an unparalleled service to the public and in order to fulfil this pledge, the use of locum to fill temporary gaps is a necessity. However, the NHS doesn't consider itself to have the manpower to organise and collate the information required to verify each locum joining the workforce. 

Instead, the NHS has worked with frameworks to provide a structure of the requirements that locum needs to meet. Hospitals and other points of care can be part of any or multiple frameworks and use them as the basis for validating the locum applying for a role. Locum agencies then apply to be part of a framework and provide locums along with their necessary compliance documentation to the NHS centre to hospitals that are attached to that framework?
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However, if you're a community pharmacist or a sessional GP, you don't need to worry about frameworks as community pharmacies and GP surgeries don't operate in the same way.  Sounds confusing right? As a locum, you're probably thinking what does this mean for me? In most circumstances, it won't affect you too much and any slight changes in the requirements of each framework will be explained to you by the locum agency your using (check out our handy blog on starting off using agencies).

There are a few things you can do if you want to make sure you’re compliant. Perform a quick google search to read up on each framework (although these are a LONG read, you have been warned!) and check off the requirements as you complete them. Alternatively, get yourself connected to a few agencies that will guide you through the process. We have a great post on agency dating and weeding out the good agencies from the bad.

If you're after the easiest way to get compliant with all frameworks, check out the locum passport. It's an app that will guide you through creating your own framework compliant document pack and even send it to agencies in a few taps of your screen. Agencies will then be in contact to finalise your registration and get you working. If you would like more information check out our website or download the app by following the links below.
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