Locum Passport

The Locum Passport, you and your data

The Locum Passport, you and your data

To celebrate our first 150 downloads, we’re dedicating this week to bringing you new content pieces everyday. Over the last 5 weeks we’ve reached out to our growing user base to find out exactly what our users like, need and want changing. We’ve used the responses to learn how to build better products and communicate more effectively with you, our audience.

Today's instalment is all about how we protect you, your rights and your data when using the Locum Passport. It’s a hot topic at the moment and before you take the leap and decide to join us, it’s only fair that we give you an easy way to understand how your privacy and rights are always maintained.

Firstly, let us be clear - You remain the sole owner of your documents. Even if you upload your documents to the Locum Passport, we have no right (and no need) to own your documents. This means:

1) We cannot pass on or sell your data to any third party without your explicit permission.
2) We only use your data to improve our own services and ensure you receive the best possible experience.

With these two key statements, we have been able to shape our business into the transparent and well-maintained system you see when you use the Locum Passport.

When you sign up to the Locum Passport we collect personally identifiable information to create your own personal account on our server for you to store your documentation. Sometimes, if the app stops working for you, we’ll access this information and use in conjunction with our IT support to better resolve any issues.

As you begin uploading your documents, our system will notify us and a note will be made on your own audit log. This log is accessible to you at any point by viewing the timeline in the overview section and your transfers can be viewed on the transfer screen (accessed using the left-hand menu).
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We want to be clear that although we do not sell your information, we have a responsibility to check that the content uploaded to our platform is suitable when we are requested to do so and sometimes this requires a specialist 3rd party review. As a business that many locums depend on, we also have a responsibility to improve our services to make sure we are always able to offer you the best service possible so our system will monitor when you use the app and how you interact with it. Armed with this information we are able to provide you with better support (e.g any technical difficulties) and a quicker route to resolving any issues. This is known as having a license to your documents.

By uploading your documents to the Locum Passport you grant us a license to use your data. For instance, when you transfer your documentation using the app, you agree to us making a digital copy of your documents - the original stays with you on our server and the copy is sent off to the agency you have requested a transfer to. 

All third parties working with the Locum Passport respect your data and your privacy, non-disclosure agreements have been put into place to ensure a safe and transparent use of the minimum amount of personally identifiable information needed to resolve the issue. We have made our privacy policy very clear on the ways we use your information and where it is stored. Any stored information is kept for our own records and used solely to improve our own service to you. 

Unlike some other companies who are happy to pass on your details for marketing purposes, we will never sell your information separately or as part of a list to any other company.

We hope this gives you a clear understanding of how the Locum Passport uses and processes your information. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact us at support@locumpassport.co.uk
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