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Everything you need to know about the Locum Passport

Everything you need to know about the Locum Passport

To celebrate our first 150 downloads, we’re dedicating this week to bringing you new content pieces everyday. Over the last 5 weeks we’ve reached out to our growing user base to find out exactly what our users like, need and want changing. We’ve used the responses to learn how to build better products and communicate more effectively with you, our audience.

Following on from yesterdays post, today is all about how we used our customers feedback to better communicate who we are and what the Locum Passport does. Since we began our adventure of making the Locum Passport the industry standard for locums, our message has constantly evolved to be better at giving you a quick and easy way of understanding us. The only way to do this effectively was to reach out to our current users and ask them to describe what we do and why they they joined.
So, after sifting, sorting and extracting key messages from our user responses, we think we’ve cracked it (for now).

1) We are NOT an agency.

The Locum Passport is not an agency, this is something that needs to be addressed. We are independent of any agency and instead, place our loyalty with you, the locum. For too long, agencies and employers have promised the world but delivered far, far less. Agencies have made use of the long winded and laborious registration process as a way of protecting their own interests which means that you suffer as a locum.

As we are independent of any agency, we have no incentive to make you join agencies that are a bad fit and so we can work freely to make it as easy as possible to join multiple agencies and find more lucrative work. However, we know that finding the right agency can be a pain so to help we have produced some great blogs on finding the right agency for you. As an added bonus, we’ve also started working with select agencies who have great standards and a lot of roles to make joining them even easier.

So why do you need the Locum Passport, why not just sign up to each agency individually? Well, it comes back to the current and so far, unchallenged method of registering with agencies. Agencies see you as an asset and by making it as tough as possible to join new agencies, you’re more likely to remain on their books only. Have you ever signed up to an agency and after having spent hours on training, uploading and certifying, been told that to join another agency, you’ll have to do it all again? It’s a problem thats all too common.

Thats where the Locum Passport comes into play. It’s obvious that no single agency or employer will have access to all the best roles or rates, so as locums we shouldn’t have to settle for lower rates and opportunities, simply because joining a different agency is too much hassle. With the Locum Passport, you are able to transfer all of the documents required quickly and easily, removing the barrier and removing the glass ceiling on your career.

2) We do this because we were once frustrated locums too.

The Locum Lifestyle was once the pinnacle for every healthcare professional. It promised a better lifestyle, a better work-life balance and of course a more lucrative outcome. It seemed too good to be true and for many, it’s remained that way since. See, the Locum Lifestyle still exists, its still within the grasp of all of us, there’s just a few more hurdles in the way. 
The vision of the Locum Passport, is to remove those hurdles. For instance, we are all under more time pressure than ever before and this has played into the hands of agencies who are counting on you to be too busy to see the value in spending hours joining a competitor. We also are far more inclined to hand off the paperwork to agencies to make our lives that little bit easier but we fail to realise that we are making it harder. Agencies have no responsibility to do what’s best for you. Do you think an agency would spend all that time maintaining your file and records to then send it off to a competitor if it meant you could get a better rate, or land a role at your dream location?

Once you hand off responsibility to an agency (which has to place you to make money and survive), you loose two things; control and the trust in them to do what is best for you. 
At the Locum Passport, we decided this wasn’t good enough. As individuals, all of us at the Locum Passport value control, independence and good outcomes. We don’t rely on placing you to make money so we have no need to push you towards rates and roles that you do not want. Instead, by providing you with your own secure vault to store your documents and transfer them, we put you back in control so you can use them as you wish. You are free (and actively encouraged) to join more agencies and have a quick of easy way of applying for the roles that are right for you.
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3) Yes, the Locum Passport charges Locums for the service.

We weren’t surprised by this response one bit. We are a business and have to make money and from the beginning of our journey, we had to make a tough decision. We could either charge the locum a small monthly (or yearly) fee and maintain our independence from agencies or make the pro version of the app free and rely on agencies placing you to sustain us. 

Needless to say, we went for the first option and here’s why. Firstly, our varied user cases mean that not all of our users use the passport to transfer documents to agencies, some use the app as a valuable way of keeping themselves organised. We love this as the first step in regaining your independence from agencies is to organise and understand your documentation yourself. But, from a business point of view, we would not be able to sustain our business if we were charging per placement and our customers were not using us as they would a typical agency.

Secondly (and now for some quick maths), we realised we could make this an attractive proposition for everybody. For instance, the monthly pro version of the app costs £11.99/mo (around £3 per week). If you work a full month (four 37.5hour weeks) the app will cost you less than 8p an hour. This means that if you use the app, join multiple agencies and search for the best rates, you only need to see a difference in the hourly wage of 9p to have the app pay for itself and make you money.

As our most active users will tell you, differences in hourly rates for the same role vary from 10p to over £2. Add to this, the massive amount of roles you’ll have available to you by joining multiple agencies and the Locum Passports £11.99 a month suddenly looks very attractive. Our yearly membership is even more attractive with a 20% discount and free mandatory training included too!

£3 a week for control over your documents isn’t bad, but you should be able to control your own documents without charge anyway. So we released the app as a free download so those looking for a way to control their documents could do so, rightfully, without charge.

 4) No, joining one agency is never enough.

As your parents probably once told you ‘it’s always best to get a second quote.’ We are all so used to getting second opinions and quotes when we are undertaking something big in our lives and this is something that should be carried into your search for work. You can’t possibly know you’re doing the best for yourself if you have nothing to compare it with. 

This isn’t about one agency having all the work you could possibly want. It’s about making sure that the agency is offering you a fair and competitive rate for your time. Agencies may have a large array of roles because they promise to fill the position cheaper than other competitors. You need a quick and easy way to check across multiple agencies. Hello Locum Passport.

So there you have it, a quick response to the four main points we hear back from our users. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, email us at support@locumpassport.co.uk or get in touch with us via IM on the usual social media channels. 

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