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One last thing, thank you

One last thing, Thank You.

To celebrate our first 150 downloads, we’re dedicating this week to bringing you new content pieces everyday. Over the last 5 weeks we’ve reached out to our growing user base to find out exactly what our users like, need and want changing. We’ve used the responses to learn how to build better products and communicate more effectively with you, our audience.

Well, my friends, the time has come. The final blog post of our week celebrating our first 150 downloads has come and we wanted to use this opportunity to say thank you for being part of our journey so far. Without you all reading about, downloading and using the Locum Passport, we couldn’t possibly continue to do what we do.

This post isn’t so much an informative post as you’re probably used to from us. Instead, it’s an opportunity we’ve taken to connect with you all and request your continued feedback, suggestions and of course, support.

We started this journey of fundamentally changing how locums search and apply for work just over 6 weeks ago and since then we have been able to help over 100 locums join agencies and access better rates and roles. We are extremely proud of this and armed with the knowledge that we are making a positive impact to these locums, we are now confident of moving forward and delivering the service to more of you.

If you’re a locum we would love to hear from you. Whether you’re interested in the Locum Passport or not, we want to connect and understand the general consensus of the thoughts and feelings to locum work across the medical, nursing and pharmacy sectors. Without this valuable feedback, we will be left to sit idly guessing about the future evolution of the product. We are hungry to create something that can help everyone connected to health care.

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We realise that over the course of this week we’ve given you a lot to read and to think about, plus we’ve also asked for your help to improve our services a bunch of times. So we think its high time we said thank you and what better way to do that than by giving you a free months access to the Locum Passport Pro version.

Trials are limited by Apple (and unfortunately not available on Android at the moment) so if you are interested, send an email to us today at support@locumpassport.co.uk with the subject “Free trial” and we’ll get back in touch with your activation code. 

P.s If you are an android user and want free access, get in touch! We hope it won’t be too long until you are able to access a free trial. 
Thank you so much for being part of our week-long celebration. Here at the Locum Passport, we value each user so while it may not seem like the biggest list of locums you’ve ever heard of, we are proud of each and every download and registration we get.

 If you haven’t already joined us, we hope that you will soon and if you are already amongst us, welcome to the locum app you’ve always wanted.

Happy Locuming,
The Locum Passport Dev Team.
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