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Why we do what we do

Why we do what we do

To celebrate our first 150 downloads, we’re dedicating this week to bringing you new content pieces everyday. Over the last 5 weeks we’ve reached out to our growing user base to find out exactly what our users like, need and want changing. We’ve used the responses to learn how to build better products and communicate more effectively with you, our audience.

In our penultimate post of this week, we are going to share some insight into why we do what we do. In case you don’t understand or know what we do check out this week's earlier post on just that topic.

The Locum Passport was created out of frustration with the current process of finding locum work. As a locum, I’m sure you’re probably aware, joining agencies and getting started as a locum is actually a long-winded process. The age-old saying of ‘starting as you mean to go on’ rings true when starting your locum career.

Sure you can sign up to the locum agency with the most amount of locums already on their books, perhaps an agency with plenty of ads on Facebook has caught your eye or maybe it’s an agency that has been recommended by a colleague. The problem is that you’re only connected to one agency. If you’ve ever tried to transfer your details from one agency to another, you’ll know that you’re more likely to get blood out of a stone but sticking with one agency limits you to work within their rules and restrictions.

So joining one agency doesn’t cover all your requirements but joining any other agency seems to be more effort then it’s worth. The locum passport is all about freedom and flexibility. If you want to register for a new agency, that decision should be yours and yours alone instead of being dependent on how willing your agency is to share your data. 

So we went back to the drawing board when it came to registering with agencies. We evaluated hundreds of agencies and their sign up processes and quickly realised a couple of things:

1) They all ask for the same things
2) They are all very independent.

How annoying. Even though you need to provide the exact same documentation each time, you still need to manually upload and place documentation within the agencies system. This is what needed to change and we needed it to change because as locums, we needed work but didn’t have the time to research, join and maintain our documents with each agency that could offer us the best rates and the best roles. What’s more is that this doesn’t even account for any changes to our personal situation. Imagine signing up to all the agencies that provide the best roles around you, only to relocate to another part of the UK. The agencies you were signed up with may end up being totally useless. 

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We decided the fight wasn’t with each individual agency, instead, it was with the process as a whole. We will never be able to convince agencies to part ways with your valuable data, let alone get them to transfer your details. So we needed a way to make the locum the controller once again. Step in the Locum Passport. By having your own documents neatly stored and maintained, should you wish to transfer your details to another agency, you can. 

For too long, we’ve all looked quizzically at our phones, wondering how an agency has managed to get hold of our details and information. When we release our control of documents, we are susceptible to it being misused. If we aren’t aware of how our data is being used, it can be disappointing to see your personal information has been shared inappropriately. So this is the other thing that we wanted to nail down in order to bring back your confidence in the locum sphere. And we did just that. With the Locum Passport, we built in audit log so you can see exactly when you uploaded your information and when and where it was transferred to.

If the agency doesn’t want to share, it doesn’t matter, just send your documentation yourself - you are no longer reliant on them. Simply send your documents with the locum passport and complete the final additional steps to get joined to another agency. Sure the app is quicker, smarter and safer than storing your documents on your hard drive or with agencies but the real win in using the Locum Passport is that you have the freedom that the Locum Lifestyle promises but rarely ever pays out. 

To find out more about the Locum Passport visit us at www.locumpassport.co.uk or get in touch with us on social media or at support@locumpassport.co.uk.
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