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Why going Pro is the obvious choice for Locum Professionals

Why going pro is the best choice for Locum professionals

By now, you’ve probably heard all about us and at least downloaded the app ready for a day when sorting your compliance becomes a priority (if you haven’t, here’s the link For the majority of our audience, the question that’s probably going through your mind is, when will the day come that Locums need to be in control of their documents?

And we have a pretty simple answer for them: As soon as possible. If you’ve been reading our blogs, we’ve done our best to give you all the benefits of the app in short and sweet posts, so instead, todays post will be straight from the Locums mouth. Manpreet Sandhu, a locum Pharmacist has been using the app for over 6 weeks now and we contacted him to find out how it’s all working out. 

The key points.

Since using the Passport, Manpreet has joined 4 new agencies and used his Passport to apply for roles advertised by independent pharmacies. With Manpreet’s approval, we were able to see that he spent a grand total of 45 minutes uploading his documents into the passport and just 4 minutes entering the email addresses of agencies and employers to transfer it to. That one sacrifice of 45 minutes has saved Manpreet over 12 hours to date in registration process time. 

While speaking to Manpreet we asked him a few questions on the choice and availability of roles. Needless to say, being connected to over double the amount of agencies he was previously connected to has meant that the variety of roles he was now receiving had increased, especially around his location. Manpreet highlighted the serious benefit of this small statement - not only had he found he had more roles to choose from, he also felt that the agencies he connected to were able to offer him better roles in his surrounding location, an important factor when looking for new opportunities. 

Perhaps the most important question that everyone wants the answer to: is the Locum Passport cost effective? Some of our biggest skeptics are unwilling to look at the price of the pro account relatively. Fortunately, Manpreet was and since taking out his pro account he’s found the app to pay for itself in a number of ways. 
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The biggest change in rates he was able to achieve was £2 simply by joining different agencies that were all offering the same role. But Manpreet did stress that the value in the Passport wasn’t all about the rate. “For me, having a better rate was a key metric to whether I would continue to subscribe for my pro account. But it wasn’t the only factor. With the Locum Passport, I have seen the amount of roles offered to me increase, giving me greater choice and flexibility with my working life and as a locum, that’s something I really do value. With more roles comes a feeling of peace of mind, giving me the confidence to make the most of the “locum lifestyle” without worrying too much about when or where my next role will come from. 

The most unexpected upside to using the Passport has been how much I have matured as a ‘self employed’ professional without really doing too much in the way of learning. When I connected to my first few agencies, I was given a chance to see how all of them work and learn what I liked and what I didn’t. I learnt the easiest way to get paid and the terms of contracts that I wanted and was able to use them to my advantage. The locum Passport made this easy by allowing me to join agencies quickly and focus on the service they provided me.

With all that said, I would have to recommend the Locum Passport to any locum. Like me, you may only be interested in better rates but you’ll also learn how to be a more complete professional. If you have a similar experience to me, the app will undoubtedly pay for itself but you’ll be surprised at how much you’ll value your own independence as a locum. 

Well, there you have it, one more satisfied customer using the Locum Passport Pro Version. If you’re ready to take the next step in your locum career start your pro membership in-App by navigating to the main menu and the Go Pro button. 

If you’re not ready, you need to be. Join the growing list of over 180 Locums now finding better rates and roles with the Locum Passport. If you have any questions or would like some more information, get in touch with us today!

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