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For Employers - Locum Passport
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Let's talk business.

We work with locums to create new opportunities.
What is a locum worth to your agency? What are you worth to the locums that you place?
If they value you just as much as you do them, we can help you offer the same service to other locums quickly and easily.
Locums want choice so make it as easy as possible to choose you.

1. It's a changing environment.
Having locums registered to just one agency doesn't work for any of us. An agency has to rely on being the first or second agency that a locum hears about, which is hard to do. So it's understandable why it can be so difficult for a locum to leave an agency and transfer their documents elsewhere.

It's just that as hard as we make it for locums to leave, we make it equally as hard to join. Think about how many extra candidates would register with your agency if they had control of their documents and could send them to you in a hearbeat.
2. A fluid and dynamic workforce works for you.
With the Locum Passport, locums are given the knowledge and tools needed to keep their documents complete, up to date and transferable to any agency. Think about how having a market of locums ready for registration and actively seeking new roles could transform agency business?

A fluid workforce means the right candidates can be placed quicker, providing good value for your clients and new locums. A workforce that can match the constantly changing needs of the market does work. It's already changing and you should be ready to make the most of it.
3. Create an attractive and valuable reason to join your Agency.
Locums responsible for their up to date core compliance transform the industry. It means an agency doesn't need to focus on being the first one seen by a candidate, it just needs to provide an attractive enough offer to persuade the candidate to join you.

A better rate, more choice of locations, better customer service - your agency is the best at something and there are locums that will value it above all else. Make it easy for those locums to find you. Make it simple for them to join you.

Work with us to develop your candidate base

Each agency we work with has a different set of requirements so we have developed a range of services to meet their needs. Whatever your goal is, we will work with you to reach your targets.
Offer Value through Choice

Show locums what roles you can offer them by posting your live jobs for free on our Facebook and Linkedin Groups. Feel free to use the group to post specific roles that you need filling and let the group share your message.

Post your jobs for free
Attract locums by paying Attention

Provide jobs to locums based on their location, profession or preferences with the Locum Passport in-app notifications. Make use of our simple service to become highly selective of the candidates you want to reach.

Enquire here.
Grow your Presence by being visible

Gain the attention of ready to work, motivated locums. Become one of the exclusive agencies visible on the app and available to join at a lift of a finger. Grow your book by being one of the most accessible agencies to join.

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Drop us your email below and we'll get in touch to discuss how the Locum Passport may be able to help your business.